About Us

In order to provide employment opportunity and contribute to the progression of the industry in the region as well as serving people and Iran, Lar Cement Project of Sabzevar was launched.

After analyzing various plans and existing mines and quarries painstakingly, finally, the cement factory with a capacity of 3400 tons clinker per day was constructed.

Thus, Sabzevar Lar Cement Company (PLC) was established and people in the region responded to it unpredictably. The reason for this claim is a number of 45000 shareholders with a primary capital of 130 billion Rials which through two phases of capital increase, their investment rose up to 400 billion Rials. After holding different tenders and probing to find efficient and experienced companies, Kan Azin Consulting Engineers Co. was elected as the project consultant, Iran Industrial Designing as the executive of the project and Sepah Bank was selected to act as the trustee bank.

Sabzevar Lar Cement Project was put into operation in the mid-Shaban month and concurrent with Imam Mahdi’s Birthday and after about two months, the plant reached to its nominal capacity of 3400 tons of clinker per day and we dare to say that the standard of the cement produced at this factory is higher than normal. The authorities and the staff do their best to manufacture and market the best quality cement for the fellow countrymen.

It is worth mentioning that with regard to presence of the existing mines, this factory is able to manufacture cement types: 1,2 and 5. Hoping the blessing of the almighty God, we would witness the production of the three types of cements.

This company is presently delivering cement to Khorasan Razavi, Northern Khorasan and Southern Khorasan Provinces as well as other neighboring provinces including: Golestan, Mazandaran, Semnan. Regarding the fact that the cement factory has been put into operation and the cement price has increased, it is predicted that the stock value of Cement Company would rise remarkably within next few months.

In addition, factory equipments and machinery are all modern and new and have been supplied by the best suppliers such as “Aumund, IBAU, Hover & Boecker, TKF, Polysius” from Germany(mechanical equipment) and “Elin” from Austria ( for Electrical Equipment), “Aztec” and “Redcom” companies from Italy (for filters).

While keeping pace with modern technology in comparison with other national cement factories, it is supposed to manufacture cements with higher quality due to less depreciation and higher efficiency, and subsequently gaining more benefit. God willing!

In the end, we express our heartfelt gratitude to the esteemed stockholders and we hope, we have taken a small step for serving our dear fellow country men and for the development of this country.